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Interested in wholesale, retail, or e-commerce of Chewtopia's delicious yak cheese dog chews and other exceptional pet products? We're thrilled to partner with companies like yours to provide high-quality, nutritious treats to furry friends everywhere!

How to Apply:
To become an esteemed wholesaler, please reach out to us via the contact information below. Provide your company's EIN number and relevant reseller information. We're excited to establish a lasting partnership and offer the best quote tailored to your needs.

- Contact Information:
- Email:
- Phone: 1.646.668.6600 call/ text/ WhatsApp

- Benefits of Our Products:

At Chewtopia, we take pride in offering yak cheese dog chews that are not only loved by pets but also offer immense health and environmental benefits:
- Nutritionally Rich: Our chews are packed with essential nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, supporting healthy coats, skin, and joints.
- Return on Investment (ROI): Our products' popularity among pet parents ensures a rewarding partnership for wholesalers.
- FDA and USDA Licensed: Rest assured, our products meet stringent quality and safety standards, backed by FDA and USDA approvals.
- Eco-Friendly Packaging: All our packaging is eco-conscious and environmentally responsible. We prioritize recycling, reusing, reengineering, and biodegradable materials.
- Free-Range Sourced: Our yak cow milk comes from free-range, grass-grazing herds in the pristine Himalayan regions, ensuring the finest quality for your customers.

Herd milking time: nothing but a bucket, a human, and a yak cow: 

Experience and Professionalism:
With years of experience in the wholesale industry, Chewtopia and our parent company, NMA Imports USA, Inc., are committed to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Join us in our mission to provide dogs with the ultimate chews while promoting a healthier and greener planet. We look forward to building a fruitful partnership with your esteemed company!

🐾 Chewtopia - Your Pet's Health & Happiness, Our Priority 🐾

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